Kelleys Island Genealogy

Kelleys Island United States Federal Census Report 1850

Note: The names on this census report are very difficult to read, I'm sure many of these names are misspelled. If you have any corrects, please feel free to notify me

Page 1 Kelley, Dean, Gaylord, Burns, Kasler, Fanning, Rodeiner, Callahan, Webb, Auer, Deuteh, Huntington, Quinn, Preston, Sabre, Karannen, Robinson, Shoemaker, Sleizer
Page 2 Quinn, Carpenter, Reide, Hazinty, Holland, Frinadine, Lain, Meizger, Slagher, Catanach, Harris, Waite, Hamilton, Ward

Page 3Ward, Williams, Sharng, Auisbond, Titus, Marcie, Fide, Emaris, Balca, Monaghan, Miacharse, Stocking, Martin, Estes, Norris, Kelley, McNewton, McLane, Rice
Page 4Rice, Martin, Best, McGettigan, Woodford, Watkins, Dwelle, Nonelo, Neoine, Blackman, Kelley

Page 5KelleyPhillips, Elenell, McCormick, Fanutt, Cattenach, Haig, Sabra
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